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My then 6 months old son's sleep habits (always a bad sleeper) kept getting worse and worse. We tried everything the books tell you to do. And if you've been in my situation you know that the books can be controversial. One tells you to use a pacifier, the other tells you absolutely not to... and on and on. Having read so much about baby sleep, I thought I did everything right, and my baby just doesn't sleep (it got to the point where he napped 30 mins 3x a day, and between 9-10 hours at night.

Pinar's 2 week program was heaven sent, although involving some cry-out. While I'm not for letting babies cry, I had the choice of not sleeping myself and going insane, or letting my son cry. I opted for the latter, and was surprised to see that my son managed to learn to sleep with close to no tears. I was amazing. Some tweaks to my schedule, a lot of discipline and the encouraging words of someone who knows literally everything about sleep.

Now, my baby boy takes 2 long naps and sometimes a cat nap in the afternoon, and he sleeps 11,5 hours with one feeding interruption before I go to sleep myself. I could not be happier - in fact, we got our lives back and my then sleep deprived baby is not a happy cookie.

Thank you Pinar Hanim!


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